Hiya At the moment I shave to stay SMOOTH as I have done since hair first appered at 13 as I am a late bloomer.
Am planing on getting my pubic hair PERMANENTLY removed by laser, Am looking for advice and help of what to expect??
How long did the whole process take??
And what was the final result like, and were you happy with it?
Where /who done it for you and was it expensive?
And would you recommend it?

Did u do this?

I've haven't done laser hair removal "down there", but I have on my face :) It's quite expensive honestly, for my face sessions were like $50-60 each. I think it usually takes around 10 sessions for hair to be permanently removed? I've had around 7. I have a high pain threshold so it doesn't hurt too much for me. I'm happy with my results at the moment, definetely, as my hair is much lighter and there's much less of it on my face. I would recommend it, just make sure you do "laser hair removal" and NOT IPL?

Good luck!

There are some pretty advanced home laser hair removal devices out there now. They're still expensive but onta s expensive as a professional job. CHeck out the Tria 4x Laser or the Remington iLight!

Thanks for the Tips and Advice Gurls XX

Hiya All :) ? I was just wondering if anyone has used the home laser hair remover on their pubic hair? ?Or even if they know anyone that has? ?Is it painful etc? ?Can it be done by yourself or do you need somebody to help? ?As I said above^^^^ I am always shaved smooth an am thinking it would be better done when smooth, Am going to see what I can fInd out on line, But to be honest I would take more notice of what I was told on GURL.

Another thing I was told by someone That you could use sugar and water instead of wax to remove pubic hair. ?Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks XXXX

I can recommend you this razors -? I like them?


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