I'm so unhappy with my body

My older sister and I have always been skinny kids growing up, especially my sister. As she grew up though she stayed that way, even as she has finished puberty now and is 20, she barely exercises and eats whatever she wants and she still stays perfectly skinny. It used to be that way for me, but ever since I've started going through puberty (will turn 14 in a month) I'm the exact opposite and I'm so unhappy with it. I always have some people complimenting me on my body or saying that it's really great and goals, but I don't see it that way. I always compare myself to my sister, who is naturally skinnier. I've gained weight in my butt, hips and thighs, not to mention the hideous stretch marks that make it so much worse. I'm happy with my boobs since they got bigger, but my tummy area has too and that's the most upsetting. I like my face and that's pretty much the only self confidence I have is from that with makeup on, but I always find something that I hate about my body. I wish I could have smaller thighs and a flatter stomach. I used to be a size 0 in jeans and now I can't even fit into a 3. I'll feel hungry a lot of the time but now I try and make myself not eat for a long time, I'm worried that I'm going down the path to anorexia. I want so badly to have a flatter stomach, but I just don't know where to start. I know that I want to join a gym but where do I start once I get there? I compare myself to the Victoria's Secret models constantly and it just makes me so sad, I'll never be fully happy with myself until I look like them. I'm 5'6 and roughly maybe 125-130. I really don't do much activity lately since I stated homeschool and sit around most of the day. I'd love some advice on how I can feel better about myself and achieve my goals.

You said you like your boobs and your face, so concentrate on those features. Your not fat and?it is good?to have larger thighs because it means you are strong. Trust me, your in puberty and your hormones are all over the place. ?Plus with your thighs and legs being 'large' is a good thing, men want girls with strong, nice legs not skinny legs. Try to get motivated if youreally want to go to the gym. I cant really help you with the excercising thing but I do know that everyone and I mean everyone dislikes their body at your age. Your definitely not the only one and you are beautiful and gorgeous just being who you are. Trust me you might not be the best, but your far from worst. Good luck and dont be so hard on yourselve. People will love you for who you are, not who yku want to be. So what I am saying is be yourslef and dont change for others. Best of luck!!!

Find yourself some goals to achieve (realistic ones like don't be hard on yourself), go on YouTube and type in 'Abs workouts' and create a playlist or something. Along with that, do some research on tips to get your ideal figure. It won't work overnight obviously, but you'll feel so much better afterwards and in a few weeks or a month you'll start to gradually reach your goal. I used to be unhappy with my body so I started to do workouts every other day and tried hard with my diet (I for some reason crave food even when I'm not hungry), and within weeks/a few months I was starting to achieve the look I want, but unfortunately I found out I was anemic due to heavy periods and I'd been lacking energy and being genuinely ill, so hopefully when the iron tablets work properly I can pick myself back up! Wish you all the best :)?

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We all have different body types, we definitely shouldn't compare. I've always been skinny, BUT i've been skinny to the point that people thought I was annorexic. I didn't even know people felt that way, until my sister told me this is what they told her! THAT, literally, made me question my beauty. But, I came to realize we are just all different, but we are still beautiful. Even though she might not have to work as hard in that area,? I am sure there is something that YOU have that she WISHED she could have. And she probably wishes that SHE didn't have to work as hard in that area.


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