Pubic Hair

my last girlfriend only trimmed her pubic hair, it was?new to me but i found it very sexy?anybody else find it hot

Not the board this should go on.?

I honestly think pubic hair is sexy too. I prefer to see it in other girls than being bare. Personal preference?

pubic hair is sexy only if they are nicely cut. if I see the long hair of the other girls, it seems to me vulgar and ugly.

I'm 13 and just started getting hair last year. I like it. If I shaved I would look 11. I like the fact that it shows I'm not a little girl anymore...:)

@Sammy_B16 and Tammyhehl?

That's totally right. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

^ yay. How much do you keep? ?I'd ask in a message but I just read you can't get them. Is that a site problem??

it says I can't send messages because of a proxy... and whatever I tried didn't work... let me try one more thing and if it works you'll see a message in your inbox ;-)

@TammyHehl ?My pubes also only started growing at 13 as I am a late bloomer, but I have shaved them since they grew I just like been smooth.

I don't like shaving because it gives me ingrown hairs which I hate (my hair is curly and thick). I usually just cut it as short as possible with scissors.

I shaved mine completely off for the first time recently (it'd only just grown in the first place lol) and it was soooo hot to look at and touch. But it's too much effort to keep it that way and it's growing back again now.

Wow! I'm surprised how many of you like pubic hair! I wasn't expecting so many of ye. Personally, I prefer shaving it off, but it doesn't bother me when it grows back a little bit. Sometimes I'll just trim it rather than shave if I'm lazy. Shaving isn't great for you either though, so I leave it grow a bit before I shave, maybe once or twice in a two week period.

I keep a landing strip because my boyfriend likes it but I honestly feel sexier when it's totally shaved.

To each their own, just like we like to experiment with our hair (head) and try different cuts and styles, it's the same for other parts of our body.

I alwasy shaving whole my body I'm using gillette men's razor -? it's very sharp kind of razor and I like it?

My pubic hair started growing quite late, just a bit more than a year ago. It's still not very thick so I haven't had to think about this question for too long, but now for some time I have actually started to consider shaving. It's funny because for a long time I was desperately waiting for my pubic hair to start finally growing, as I was one of the last girls in my class and I wanted so much to be like the others.. But now that I eventually start to have enough for it even to show, here I am thinking about shaving it off :) I've only now realized that while I wanted the hair so much, the things down there actually looked kind of cool without any pubic hair..

I like it smooth, so I shave. I had also try a landing strip.

I just read on that with waxing the regrowth gets less over time but not with shaving. Anyone have experience with this and know if it's true?

Personally I love a natural bush. It's soft, beautiful and hides anything I consider less than perfect about my body down there. I trim around my bikini lines but that's all. It makes a nice hightlight to the body, kind of like eyebrows, and I wouldn't want to shave those off either.


I have a full bush, but that's only because I can't bother to trim or shave it and my boyfriend likes my full bush. So no reason for me to go through all the hassle of shaving or trimming. I used to shave in the past, I was always confident with the shape of my pussy and I still am, so I don't let the hair grow to hide anything.?

Although I have a full bush myself, I think a landing strip is the most sexy pubic hairstyle.

I just like stuff to be natural and regular. I think pubic hair is cute and pretty.


like Mindy said. I like my hair and I think it's cute. I like playing with it!


Exactly, I think it's awesome and pretty!

I'm actually surprised there are so many girls here with a full bush. I thought porn was pushing that out of fashion, but I'm glad some are holding out. I personally think pubic hair is adorable and makes a nice natural decoration. I have natural pubes, they're soft and make me feel like I'm not 10 years old anymore.


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