What do boys expect to see?

I'm pretty hairy down there and although I trim and shave around it, would that be enough for a guy? It's enough for me but I just always picture a guy undressing me and being disgusted.?

A vagina's a vagina. If they got as far to undress you, why on earth they be that stupid to say anything that meant they couldn't get sex? Lol

it's all about what you are comfortable with! I personally only shave certain parts and just trim the rest and I've never had a guy complain.

I don't shave down there considering it's very uncomfortable for me. Everybody is different, it's your body so you do whatever makes you comfortable and if a guy gets as far as undressing you and says something negative, he's NOT someone who is going to respect you and your decisions.?

Back when I was younger (when I met my most recent ex-boyfriend (at 17)) I pretty much had it pounded into my head that media expects fully shaved vaginas in order to be "accepted" and "clean" so I shaved for the first few times that he and I had sex. Then when he and I got more in depth I asked him how he preferred it and he said he preferred UNSHAVED. So it was a big relief off of my shoulders to not have to waste so many razors anymore - especially being as I have a condition called hirsutism. With my current boyfriend I pretty much went through the same situation for the first year or so worth of sex (which was like once a week depending on circumstances and stuff) and come to find out he really does not care. So I just shave the bikini line and trim with scissors and that's it. He thinks it's sexy.?

Don't let TV or magazines make you think that not shaving is nasty or that all men preferred shaved vagina. You should do what YOU want to do and any man will feel lucky that he's even getting a piece.?

A) I've heard many guys say completely shaved is kind of creepy, like the girl looks like a kid that hasn't reached puberty

B) Any guy will be fucking over the moon to get you pants off, no guy will ever go "oh, I don't like your hair, nevermind"

C) Completely shaving down there is unhealthy, there's a reason there's hair and that's to protect your vaginal health

I just trim with scissors to make it look and feel clean, but every girls has the right to do what they fucking want. If any guy ever says something bad about your body, he's not the kind of guy you want in your vagina or in your life.

To clarify, even girls who want to shave there completely have the right to do so, and if a guy doesn't like that, he can go literally fuck himself. But remember to take care if your health down there :)

I think most guys expect there to be a little bit of hair, but expect it to be trimmed and not too much

I think guys just expect it to look neat and clean however you do that. One guy I was with had me shave it completely but I think he was just demonstrating control over me moreso than a real preference (he was a jerk).

I know this is an older thread but I just had to say something, no guy should ever tell you what to do with your body. He might request something special once in a while, or if you want to make it better for him then that's okay, but don't do it because he demands it. He's lucky to be getting to undress you and see you naked ?

I have a full bush. I don't even trim. My boyfriend didn't expect it to be unshaved, he expected that I would shave it or at least trim it, but he actually really liked it when he saw it the first time.

just do what you want some guys find it very sexy when girls dont shave

@redrose You keep your pubic hair as you want it dont worry what others think, If he loves you and cares about you your pubic hair should not be an issue.
Hope all works out for you.


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