What do you like about your body? What do you not like?

Just what the title says??
I personally don't like anything about my body haha. But what do you girls like about yours? What do you not like? Why? :)

I like everything about me lol. TBH I don't have anything that i don't like

well... i kinda like my eyes... but i hate my eyebrows.... i think i am blessed with pretty long lashes...
i hate my butt area hahaha i think it just doesnt fit my body ..... and with all the remaining things i don't really have any problems.... ^^

I am glad to hear the postive things from you all!!

Like: figure, skin, hair
Dislike: eye color, nose

Like, hair, skin , eye color, weight.
Dislikes... Biggest is my breast so small looks like bee stings.

I like my eyes and natural hair color. I only like my face a little bit in certain lighting and angles

I don't like my body proportions. I've always felt like it looks really weird. I don't like the way my boobs look, they're too pointy and kinda small. I don't like the fat distribution on my stomach. I wish I could put everything in my belly on my butt, thighs, and arms.?

I like my eyes, my height (I'm really tall) my hair (sometimes) and my skintone. However, I dislike everything else. Although I'm really tall, I'm actually a little bit overweight, and my body proportions are terrible. I'm too thick in some areas but underdeveloped in others. I'm waiting to grow out of this phase.

I would say the silhouette of my body and my boobs on a good day. Dislikes: my hair on a bad day, and sometimes my face.

I dislike nothing on my body but I love my vagina, boobs and lips :)

There isn't much I like and the things I?do?like have things I'd change either way.
I like my figure but I have about 20 lbs.I am not at all happy with.
I have pretty plumb lips with an alright cupid's bow, but the top lip is a little crooked and that bothers me, for some reason.
And even though I see them as super ordinary, plenty of people say my eyes are pretty. I would be happy with longer eyelashes and a brighter color tbh.
Oh, and body hair...nothing good about that. Abundant dark body hair that makes me super uncomfortable and I just want it to be gone.

Like: eyes, hair, butt, legs, skin
Dislike: boobs, braces, tummy, shoulders, nose, feet

Like: eyes, hair,teath,?boobs, skin,fingers
Dislike: eyebrow,?legs,?tummy, shoulders,feet. but most of all my weight

like: stomach and sides, boobs
dislike: hate my toes! this weird tiny birthmark on my butt cheek

I like mainly everything on my body. The only thing I dislike is I'm naturally hairy, so I find it a little embarassing.?


I like my boobs and legs, I don't really like my smile sometimes

I like my stomach, eyes, and booty ;)

Dislike? ... I'd probably say my boobs, since they're so small :/

I love having a small waste and bigger hips! Luckily, so far, what i eat doesn't go to my belly :)

I like my hair and my eyes. My boobs are small but they're still growing so I can't exactly hate them.

I like my lips,eyebrows,nose,ears,hands,thighs,hips. I don't like my butt, claves,breast"well just the lack of clavage".


I'm hairy too.

I like my eyes and people say I have a cute smile 😊

I don't like my legs, they need a little more fat 😝

I like Everything about my body, Except one thing my Pubic Hair that I have to keep shaving, Am SO looking forward to getting it removed .PERMANENTLY.

I like my butt. ?I don't like my nose lol.

Like: nothing
Dislike: boobs, nose, entire face, fingernails, butt, legs, feet, hands, arms, stomach especially, I just really hate the way my clothes fit, I can't make anything look good. I'm like a really weird shape. Like an inverted hourglass. I'm fat but I have no curves

Like: my eyes when they're blue or green/ my eyelashes/ my hair/ face shape/ long fingers/ my boobs (: / the love heart shaped freckle on my left hand/ my cheekbones/ my height/ my brain!

Dislike: my feet, but I don't like feet in general so/ I wish my legs were a small bit slimmer/ my nose/ my big ribcage/ my peach fuzz and hairy arms/ my two top front teeth/ my eyes when they're grey

I might not be a cute girl but I like the way I look.

I'd like to be a little taller tho.

I like my smile, my eyes, and my legs the most. It took me awhile to feel confident about my boobs but I like them now and think they fit well with the rest of my body.
What I don't like are my ears (too big) and my ass (too small and not round enough). Most of the people I've hooked up with said they liked it but I still feel kinda insecure over it.

I feel like my body isn't the greatest, but with more exercise could be better. I have potential, but I'm too lazy to do the work. I hate my body the way it is now, but I'm too busy with teen depression, hormones, and life's questions to exercise. One plus of being chubby though is that your whole body is a pillow and has built-in cushions. I like my face, eyes, lips. I dislike my broad shoulders and wide hips with noooo thigh gap.

Things I hate
The hairiness of my body

On the fence?
I wish my boobs were a little bigger. I wish I was taller.

Things I like
My butt, my smile, my body overall

I learned to be happy with what I have. :-)

I'm Asian so what I like most is my long dark hair, but because of my ancestry what I don't like is being the smallest person wherever I go.

Im pretty happy with most of me except for my boobs. Like I dont want huge ones but Id like a bit more than just bumps :(

I'm really happy with my boobs. They're just the right size for me and my best friend compliments me on them. I'd like to tighten up my belly fat just a little bit. I'm not good at doing crunches, and I do a fair amount of exercize but it's stubborn. If I could get that under control it would really help my overall look and make my backside look better too.

I like my whole overall shape. I'm firm and tight from dancing and I have a really nice little butt. I like my boobs but I could go a size up. I'm young though so I have time to grow a little.


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