What do you like about your body? What do you not like?

Just what the title says??
I personally don't like anything about my body haha. But what do you girls like about yours? What do you not like? Why? :)

I like everything about me lol. TBH I don't have anything that i don't like

The "like" list is immensely smaller than the " not like" list, lol.
But I do like my gray eyes and big butt.
I wish I had bigger boobs, lighter stretch marks and a less fat stomach and about 75,000 other things.

well... i kinda like my eyes... but i hate my eyebrows.... i think i am blessed with pretty long lashes...
i hate my butt area hahaha i think it just doesnt fit my body ..... and with all the remaining things i don't really have any problems.... ^^

I am glad to hear the postive things from you all!!

Like: figure, skin, hair
Dislike: eye color, nose

Like, hair, skin , eye color, weight.
Dislikes... Biggest is my breast so small looks like bee stings.

I like my eyes and natural hair color. I only like my face a little bit in certain lighting and angles

I don't like my body proportions. I've always felt like it looks really weird. I don't like the way my boobs look, they're too pointy and kinda small. I don't like the fat distribution on my stomach. I wish I could put everything in my belly on my butt, thighs, and arms.?

I like my eyes, my height (I'm really tall) my hair (sometimes) and my skintone. However, I dislike everything else. Although I'm really tall, I'm actually a little bit overweight, and my body proportions are terrible. I'm too thick in some areas but underdeveloped in others. I'm waiting to grow out of this phase.

I would say the silhouette of my body and my boobs on a good day. Dislikes: my hair on a bad day, and sometimes my face.

I dislike nothing on my body but I love my vagina, boobs and lips :)

There isn't much I like and the things I?do?like have things I'd change either way.
I like my figure but I have about 20 lbs.I am not at all happy with.
I have pretty plumb lips with an alright cupid's bow, but the top lip is a little crooked and that bothers me, for some reason.
And even though I see them as super ordinary, plenty of people say my eyes are pretty. I would be happy with longer eyelashes and a brighter color tbh.
Oh, and body hair...nothing good about that. Abundant dark body hair that makes me super uncomfortable and I just want it to be gone.

Like: eyes, hair, butt, legs, skin
Dislike: boobs, braces, tummy, shoulders, nose, feet

Like: eyes, hair,teath,?boobs, skin,fingers
Dislike: eyebrow,?legs,?tummy, shoulders,feet. but most of all my weight

like: stomach and sides, boobs
dislike: hate my toes! this weird tiny birthmark on my butt cheek

I like mainly everything on my body. The only thing I dislike is I'm naturally hairy, so I find it a little embarassing.?


I like my boobs and legs, I don't really like my smile sometimes

I like my stomach, eyes, and booty ;)

Dislike? ... I'd probably say my boobs, since they're so small :/

I love having a small waste and bigger hips! Luckily, so far, what i eat doesn't go to my belly :)

I like my hair and my eyes. My boobs are small but they're still growing so I can't exactly hate them.

I like my lips,eyebrows,nose,ears,hands,thighs,hips. I don't like my butt, claves,breast"well just the lack of clavage".


I'm hairy too.

I like my eyes and people say I have a cute smile 😊

I don't like my legs, they need a little more fat 😝

I like Everything about my body, Except one thing my Pubic Hair that I have to keep shaving, Am SO looking forward to getting it removed .PERMANENTLY.

I like my butt. ?I don't like my nose lol.

Like: nothing
Dislike: boobs, nose, entire face, fingernails, butt, legs, feet, hands, arms, stomach especially, I just really hate the way my clothes fit, I can't make anything look good. I'm like a really weird shape. Like an inverted hourglass. I'm fat but I have no curves


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