My boobs are tiny

I used to like having small boobs because there wasn't any unwanted attention from creepy old men. However, I'm beginning to kind of wish my boobs were of average size. One girl told me I should start wearing a pushup bra so I have cleavege. I have to have a flat stomach in order for it to not go past my boobs. I could have a tiny belly, but it would still stick out if it isn't totally flat. It makes me kind of insecure and makes me feel fat.

NocturnalMistress:You have to have a flat stomach in order for what to go past your boobs? Sorry, not understanding.??

Sorry about that. What I mean is my stomach goes past my boobs if my stomach isn't flat.

Thank you NocturnalMistress

I too wear push up bara and I rub, grab, and move (up and down, left right) my boobs too lol?
and I have good size now :)

I have tiny titties too!

Wearing 2 bras gives me the illusion of cleavage!

Also try eating lots of water food - like water melon, its good for your skin and allegedly can help boobs grow!

I too have small boobs. But he loves my boobs very much. I don't know how to make it a little bit large

I'm a small boob girl too - just gotta live with 'em, at least they're not gonna be saggy when I get older

There are a few things you could do to help them grow a bit, it won't happen overnight obviously but gradually it should work.

You can do push-ups and wall push ups, they'll help other stuff as well. Food wise, eat more food that has eostrogen in (not sure if that's how you spell it haha), and phytroesogen. I used to contour mine, there are some tutorials on YouTube. Milk can be good too. Make sure you have patience as well!?

I love having little boobs. My friend Amy's are big and she says they're not very sensitive...With mine a touch give me tingles. I also like that I only have to wear a bra to school. The rest of the time I'm naked under my blouse...:-)

As a late bloomer my boobs are still small 32A, I dont want to get any bigger than a "C" . Boob size is supposed to run in families, my mum and aunts are only a "C" cup

@TammyHehl ?Same here I only wear a bra to school usually its a sports one as my nipples would show through my uniform shirt,?


My bra size is 34B and I wish my boobs were smaller. I'm short so it makes them seem even bigger. I want to go down to an a cup tbh.?

I have small boobs but I'm quite small anyway so they sort of fit my body. I want them to grow more though.

@Amy261 ?At 13yo Your boobs has still a long time to develope at least around 7 years, My boobs were just budding at 13 and are still an "A" with puffy areola/nipples Its good you are happy with them now but I hope they grow to the size you will be happy with. I don't want any any bigger than "C"

Hi Everyone.I've just joined and have already noticed the number of girls who hate having small boobs.
Believe you me having big boobs is not all that glamorous, and in fact can cause excruciating pains in the neck, shoulders and back.
Not only that, both bra and clothes shopping is a complete and utter nightmare.
Oh and we mustn't forget all the horrible, creepy unwanted attention that they attract.
Now if only it was humanly possible I would happily swap my huge and hideous 36GG breasts with any of yours.

I guess I belong to this group as well.. I only recently graduated to A cup.. I started budding when I was 13, but for a long time I was AA cup and just barely even that.. Now I start to feel a bit more happy about them, and sometimes it's actually nice that I can go braless, but I still hope they continue growing a bit more..

There's nothing wrong with small boobs (or any size for that matter!) Be happy in your skin. There are always people who like them small, just as much as big or medium. There seems to be a prevailing thought that the bigger they are, the better. I have a feeling that?kind of thinking is perpetuated by the porn industry and the shallow guys who live by it. Some of them seem to think bigger equals 'more of the fun dirty stuff' but that's insecure nonsense. I think girls with small breasts are exquisite and I'm far from the only one. Be happy with who you are, you've got more going on than you think!

Dont worry..
It s ok.
I have really big boobs.
I wish I had small boobs


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