Underwear !!

I wasn't sure what this would come under.....
But I was just wondering what are your favourite kinds of bras and panties/undies?? 
I love push up bras and sports bras, and my favourite kinds of panties/undies are bikini and boyleg :)

I usually wear thongs under pants, leggings, jeans and boy shorts under skirts and dresses.  I also love VS Cheekies

I only g strings unless im on my period then i wear boyshorts.

i like boyshorts the most and pushup bras ,but they are usually not that comftrable, so i have been wearinng a regular wire bra i found oe that is really comftrable. i dont get the point of sports bras,they dont work. but i do like that they show off my body. but i have to admit it is kind of weird to waeer only a bra to the gym.

I find sports bras the most comfortable. They just seem to be more supportive for me than any other kind.

I do not like thongs. I wear sports underwear

Love sports bras or triangle bras have to be front closure

panties bikinis.  Can't wear thongs they make me wet. 

Thongs or Boyshorts, and walmart bras in fun colors.

Boyshorts and sports bras

When I wear panties at all (about 20 percent of the time), I prefer dark red or black lace lace, but am not particular about cut or brand. The material being soft and stretchy is what's most important to me. I work out or run almost every day, and sports bras are good for all day. However, they don't let the heat escape, and good ones are really expensive.

push up bras and bikinis or cheekies

Alexis11:push up bras and bikinis or cheekies?

This ^^ also boylegs are comfy for me too

I 9 out of 10 times wear full coverage panties... Bikini, Hipster, cheekies, somewhat granny. I do own thongs, but rarely wear them. Virtually all of my panties are from Target and I LOVE THEM!

My Bras though are from VS. Though when I get home I put on a sports bra probably from Target as well,?

Sports bra and boy shorts

Just got my first thong - feels weird

I think I mostly wear hipsters, but bikinis and boyshorts are great too. I just got two of these black underwire bras that have a "peek-a-boo" hole in the middle, they're super cute lol. I love black underwear. Sometimes I feel like wearing something different, like something cutesy, but black is just so hot and all my underwear matches! All my black undies have a lace trim too, I really like it.

Sports bras don't really flatter my bigger boobs, but they're super comfy and I still love them.

sports bra or bralettes and just bikinis panties or boyshorts

My mom won't let me wear anything thing but white cotton granny panties...I only wear a bra to school and I wear a sports bra then.

Mostly bikini briefs and a couple boyshorts. I absolutely despise wearing thongs. They look good but feel horrid?

Nocturnal Mistress make it sound like 32D is small lol?

boy shorts and sport bra on average. occasionaly bikini briefs...


I would love to be your size?

I wear knickers, I think Americans call them panties? I've never tried a thong but maybe one day.


You get used to it. ?I barely notice them anymore


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