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Age : 13 Weight : 39kg Height : 149cm Bra : 30AA Hair : Blonde on top, dark brown underneath (; natural.
Age: 13Weight: 112Height: 5'6Bra: 32B Hair: Ash Blonde
Age: 20Weight: I was 100, but I'm 31 weeks pregnant as of now and weigh 127.Height: 5'2Bra: Before I was pregnant I was C32, I'm now D34.Hair Color: Brown.
AGE: 15WEIGHT: 107 poundsHEIGHT: 5'2BRA: 30 D/DDHAIR COLOR: Blonde xxx
Age: 13. Weight: 112. Height: 5'6. Bra: 32C Hair:Light brown with natural golden blonde highlights. (: yeeeeaaaaa maaaaan!!!
Age: 21Weight: 107Height: 5'1Bra: 32DDHair: brown
AGE: 19WEIGHT: 95 lbs.HEIGHT: About 5'1"BRA: 34 CHAIR COLOR: Atomic Pink(I consider myself very lucky to have the body that I do- we should all spend less time hating ourselves and more time living freely!)
Age: 17Weight: 125Height: 5'3"Bra: 34AHair: wild, curly, and brown. lol
AGE: 21WEIGHT: 135HEIGHT: 5'5 aboutBRA: d and ddHAIR COLOR: brown on top blond underneath
AGE:18WEIGHT:7 StoneHEIGHT:5ft 5"BRA:26EHAIR: Right now it's dyed red =]
Age : 15Height : 5'2Weight: 110 poundsBra: 32BHair: brownn & curly
age:13height:5 foot 5weight:98 lbbra size:32 C Or 32 DHair: natural brown But Died PurpleHii :) I'm Megan 13 Year's Old.         uk
age:14weight:120height:5'5bra:32-36Ahair:long jet black extensions
AGE: 14WEIGHT: 119 poundsHEIGHT: 5 foot 5.5 BRA: 30F/FF or 30GHAIR: it like boob length and brown haha and i straighten it :)
Age:16Weight:200Height: 5'7 1/2Bra: 38D/DDHair: Right now, in Black braids w/ red highlights. I'm GOING NATURAL. So when I cut it I'm gonna have my afro..And don't be fooled by my weight.. I exercise intensely, my weight is muscle and if anything the weight is in my thighs.. I look as though I weight about 145-150 haha.
AGE: 17almost18WEIGHT: 158 D:< 5="">
19. 125 lbs. 5'5". 34B. Dark brown.:)
AGE: 14WEIGHT: 112HEIGHT: 5'0"BRA: 36 BHAIR COLOR: Naturally light dirty blond                            Currently: Dark blond
Age: 19 Weight: 155 Height: 5'5 Bra: 34D Hair: Light brown, and long! =]
age- 23weight-115height- 5"10bra- 32bhair-Brown 
Nineteen. 135. 5' 2". 34DD.Brown.
16 close to 17114~119 lbs depending on the day and what i ate and the time.5"6'32A and even those don't always fit right (meaning they are sometimes too big)Brown, long, down to the middle of my back at the longest point..
Age: 15Weight: 110Height: 5'6''Bra: 34DHair: Medium Length Brunette with blonde in the bangs
Age: 16Weight: 114 lbsHeight: 5'3.5''Bra: 34BHair: Pitch black and wavy.
15 80lbs 4 ft 10" 32 C gingery...and constantly changing ;)
14 135 5ft 34d blonde im little  but im athletic and i have huge boobs
AGE: 12, 13 in october./WEIGHT: 113 or 114?HEIGHT: 5'3BRA: 34BHAIR COLOR: Natural dark brunnete, current: black and brown with natural red and brown highlights
AGE: 17WEIGHT: I'm not sure exactly...maybe 117lbs.HEIGHT: 5'6"BRA: 34DDHAIR COLOR: dark brown
AGE: 16WEIGHT: last time i checked 66kgsHEIGHT:  5ft something , around 170-180cms BRA: 14D or 12E, both fit :/  i hate big boobs, just sayen.HAIR COLOR: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeed. xx
Age: 21Weight: 145 lbs.Height: 5'2"Bra: 36 or 38DHair: Brown with blonde highlights
15 145 5'7 36C long , blonde , naturally straight . :)
Age : 16 but almost 17 (:Weight : 115 ishHeight : 5'7"Bra : 34A Hair : naturally light brown but right now, blondish brown.
Age: 16 going on 17 Height: 5'0'' Weight: 94 lbs Bra: 34A add mehh :P
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