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Age: 15Weight: 120Height: 5'5 1/2"-5'6"Bra: 32-34 AHair: light brown, long
A- 16 the 19th.W- 76 (I have a disease)HT- 4'9.5"B- 34A :-(HR- Long, brown, and currently faded rainbow :-)
Age: SeventeenWeight: 113lbsHeight: 5'6Bra: 36AHair Color: Brown
AGE: 15 about to be 16 .WEIGHT: 135HEIGHT: 5'6-5'7BRA: 34CHAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
age: 16weight: 112 poundsheight: 5'4bra: 34 Bhair: dark brown hair. layered, down to my hips. :D
Age: 19 Weight: 108 Height: 5'1" Bra: 32C Hair: Natural blonde :)
AGE 17 WEIGHT maybe 100? HEIGHT  5'3 & 3/4 (Yes, I claim the three quarters) BRA 34C HAIR (dyed) red locs.
21 120 ( working on it. Kind of. Not really lol) 5 feet 1 inch Not sure what bra size i should be wearing. I wear a 34B but i think i am bigger : ) I have the darkest brown colored hair ever..Close to black but not quite
AGE. 16WEIGHT. 103HIEGHT. 5'2 1/2BRA. 34BHAIR. currently, black.
age: 14weight: 109height: 5'4"bra: 34Chair: really dark brown with blonde highlights.:] it.i'll answer anything.& i'll ask you questions too. :]
Age: 18Weight: 180-190 :'(.Height: 5'3"Bra: 38DDHair: Curly Dark Brown
AGE: 18WEIGHT: 100 LBHEIGHT: I think 5 feet 3 inches-ishBRA: 34CHAIR COLOR: Dark Brown/Red
age: 16 weight: 110 height: 5'3 bra: 32a/b (depends on the style I guess..) hair: naturally, dark blonde. currently, black.
AGE: 16WEIGHT: 80somethingHEIGHT: 4' 11''BRA: A (not sure what size)HAIR COLOR: brown to black.How come you put N/A for age? :|
AGE: 14WEIGHT: no bueno . (:HEIGHT: 5'7BRA: 38CHAIR COLOR: Blonde ;)
AGE: 20WEIGHT: Anywhere from 92-101 depending on my trainingHEIGHT: 5'2"BRA: 32AHAIR COLOR: Dark Blonde
Hi =]. im 18 5'9 around 120ish 32 B Long black hair  
age: 18weight: 109 lbs :S :Sheight: 5ft2bra: 32Bhair: light brown
AGE: 17WEIGHT: 96HEIGHT: 5'2"BRA: 28something. Having sizing issues atm XDHAIR COLOR: Brown
Age-19weight-120 maybe 125 lolheight-5'7Bra- 34d/ddhair color- dirty blonde
Age: 14 Weight: 130 Height: almost 5'7 Bra: 34B Hair: Wavy chocolate brown
AGE: 13 WEIGHT:  85 HEIGHT: 5'3" BRA: 32AA HAIR COLOR: Dirtyy Blonde  
age: 12 weight: 95 lbs. height: 4'11bra: 34Ahair color: blonde
age:  14 weight:  119 height:  5'2" with skate shoes bra:  34B Hair:  about 4inches past my shoulder and medium brown turning with natural red tint....but dying and cutting later this month
AGE 14 WEIGHT 96 lbs HEIGHT 5'4" BRA 30B HAIR Dark brown w/ natural auburn highlights layerd a lot.  
18, 97lbs, 4'11 32 B hair to collar bone, blonde
AGE: 16WEIGHT: ..130 ishHEIGHT: 5'2"BRA: 36DHAIR COLOR: Died red.
Age~14Weight~ 121, but I HATE it!!Height~ 5'3"Bra~ 34A, impossible to shop for!!!!Hair~ BlondeIf you  couldn't tell, I'm kinda self conscious about my wieght :/
AGE: 22WEIGHT: 110lbs (Still losing baby weight. I'm normally 95lbs)HEIGHT: 5'2BRA: 34CHAIR COLOR: Naturally blonde, but it's died dark brown right now.
Age: 16 Weight: 120 - 123 (lost track) Height: 5'0 Bra: 34B Hair: Shoulder length, dark brown.
14 130 5'7 I thinkk? lol. 34B. Darkk Brown :)
Age: 16Weight: 95 poundsHeight: 5'0Bra: 32BHair color: Light brown
age : 15 weight : 49kg height : 164 cm bra : 90A hair : medium black that goes brown in the sun
Age: 14Weight: 113Height: 5'7"Bra: 34BHair: Brunette
Age: 14 Weight: Not sure! Height: 5'3 (I think) Bra: 32DD Hair: Length- Medium, Colour- Brown with faint blonde honey tones.
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