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age : fourteen :) weight : about 120 ? height : 5'6 . bra : 34B/32C hair colour : brown - dark brown . :D
AGE: 18WEIGHT: 115HEIGHT: 5'3BRA: 34aHAIR COLOR: brown with blonde highlights
Age: 15 Weight: 112 Height: 5'4/5'5 < one of those two I forget Bra: 32/34 a Hair: Dark Brown
AGE. 13  WEIGHT. 92  HEIGHT: 5' 6'' . BRA: 34 A.... ? . HAIR: dark brown
Age - 17Weight - varies between 101-106lbsHeight - 4' 11"Bra - 32CHair Colour - Dyed red, originally light-ish mousy brown =/You're all so much thinner than me :( make me feel huge lol ;)
Age: 13Weight: 140Height: 5'3Bra: 34dHair: Naturally dark brown, but dyed blond/light brown.
AGE: 17WEIGHT: 84HEIGHT: 4'10ishBRA: 32AHAIR: Curly brown
Age: Nineteen.Weight: 133.Height: 5'1"Bra: 36C.Hair: Brunette.
AGE: 21WEIGHT: 111 lbsHEIGHT: 5'5BRA: 34DHAIR COLOR: Blk   mel i smile because i deserve to .
AGE: 16 [17 in july!]WEIGHT: 135HEIGHT: 5'8BRA: 34A - 36B if it's a push up haha.HAIR COLOR: Naturally Light brown. Dyed dark brown =]
AGE: 13 WEIGHT: around 80 to 90 HEIGHT: 5'2 or 5'3 BRA: 34A to a low B HAIR COLOR: dark dark brown with a lil light brown
AGE: 14WEIGHT: 72lbsHEIGHT: 4' 8" hahahaBRA: 28BHAIR COLOR: white
Age: 16Weight: 93 lbsHeight: 5' 4"Bra: 32AHair: Light Brown
age- 16weight- 100height- 5'2bra- 34bhair- light brown :)
AGE: 14WEIGHT: 120HEIGHT: 5'5"BRA: 34BHAIR COLOR: dark brown with blonde underneath:)
AGE: 13WEIGHT: 108 lbs.HEIGHT: 5'1"BRA: 34B/32CHAIR: auburn!
Age: 13 Weight: 98 pounds Height: 5'2" Bra: 36B Hair: Light Blonde
Age:13   Weight:92 Height:5'5" Bra:32A Hair:Brown
Age: 13 Weight: 6stone Bra: 85C Is that normal?
What I find odd is that I saw some girls who are tall respond to this. If you're over 5'3" or 5'4", you're not petite. Why are you on our board? :-)AGE: 21WEIGHT: 130-132HEIGHT: 4'11"BRA: 34C, I think. I need to be re-fitted.HAIR COLOR: medium/dark blonde
Age: 17 Weight: 111 Height: 5'5 Bra: 32B Hair: Blonde
It depends on your height more than your age.6 stone is reallly tiny,but if you're really short,you might be fine.But bringing age back into the picture,if you are considered underweight,it could be because you're just not fully developed yet,since you're still pretty young.As long as you're eating enough and are otherwise healthy,you should continue to develop normally and will probably start to fill out more as you get older,if it turns out you are currently underweight for your height.
Age: 17 Weight: Somewhere between 95 and 100. Height: 5'2.5" Bra: 32B Hair: Naturally dirty blonde
It's kinda scary how many responders are underweight with what they are claiming their weight and height to be...
Very few of the people here are underweight.Majority of the ones that are exceptionally less than the average are pre-teens, like around 13 & 14, they have lots of time to grow into their figures.If you go by like the "ideal" weight that the internet says, they are generally speaking on behalf of women, not young girls such as majority of responders.For sure, most of the girls here are completely healthy. I am currently:Height- 5'1.5" Weight- 98 lbsBra size- 32Bnatural hair- BlackI am currently, slowly trying to lose around 5 lbs though.
Age : 18 Weight : about 92 Ibs Height : about 4.9 Bra : B don't know how big Hair colour : Brown with blonde streaks.I think that I should weigh less, I have lost a lot of weight.
Age: 18 Weight: 100 lbs. Height: 5'5.5 ft. Bra: 34A Hair: sort of mahogany brown... as in medium brown with reddish highlights from the sun
AGE: 15WEIGHT: 117- 120? (But I really wanna lose 10-15 lbs)HEIGHT: 5'1BRA: C36HAIR COLOR: Black:)
Age: 13Weight: 125Height: 5'2"Bra: 34CHair: Black
aGe: 18 WeiGHT: 110 HeiGHT: 5'5 BRa: 34B HaiR: BLaCK
age: 18weight: about 112 lbsheight: 5'0"bra: 32/34 Ahair color: brown
AGE: 15WEIGHT: 110HEIGHT: 5'6 1/2"BRA: 32 BHAIR COLOR: Brown
AGE: 19WEIGHT: 106HEIGHT: 5'5BRA: 32AAHAIR COLOR: Naturally brown, currently platinum
16.80 lbs4"11~ I'm freakin tiny lol30A.Dark brown.
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