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AGE: N/AWEIGHT: 80somethingHEIGHT: about 4' 10''BRA: 30AHAIR COLOR: blondeish
age: 20weight: 95 lbsheight: just barely 5'0 3/4ths an inchhair: naturally honey dirty blonde. currently  yellow blonde.Bra size 28 DD/E cup*edited because i forgot to add bra size!
AGE: 21 WEIGHT: 89-90 lbs HEIGHT: about 5'2 BRA: 32 B/small C HAIR COLOR: Natural, dark brown; dyed reddish/auburn
age 20weight 110 lbsheight 5'6"bra 30bhair long, wavy, dark brown
AGE: 15WEIGHT: 90 somethingHEIGHT: about 5'2BRA: 32AHAIR COLOR: dark brownish
Age: 20Weight: 98 lbsHeight: 5'3Bra: 34 AHair Color: Black
age: 18 weight: 106 height: 5feet bra: 32C hair: brownish redish
age: 16weight: 145lbsheight: 6'0bra size: 38Chair color: blackkk
AGE: 15WEIGHT: 95HEIGHT: 5"2'BRA: 32AHAIR COLOR: Ligh brown
AGE: 17 (18 next month!)WEIGHT: 125 lbsHEIGHT: 5'6BRA: 28G or 30FHAIR COLOR: Blonde =]
AGE: 14WEIGHT: 103 poundsHEIGHT: 5'6"BRA: 32bHAIR: light brown-y-red-ish blondish and really long :) i luv my hair!
AGE: 18WEIGHT: 115 pounds HEIGHT: 5' 7"BRA: 34CHAIR COLOR: light brown
Age: 15Weight: between 107-113Height: 5'5"Bra: 32B/small CHair: long, wavey, brown with red tint, natural
Age: 19       Weight: 120    Bra Size: 34 A/B    Height: 5'3 Hair: Dark Brown and Black....B/C I'm black
where do you get 28 sized bras?????I usually buy 30A but theyre a bit big..
there's a store in Canada called changes that sells the 28 band size.  i dont know if they have one in your area just look up changes langire in Google :) other then that you'll have to go online and get bras from the UK.
AGE: 19, almost 20 :) WEIGHT: 96 lbsHEIGHT: 5'2" & 1/4 :PBRA: 32DHAIR COLOR: dark brown/black
age- 16 weight- 140 height- 5'10 bra- 36C hair- naturally light brown. Currently, Blonde.
Age: almost 18 Weight: 146 Height: 5'5'' Bra: 36C-D Hair: natural dirty blonde. medium- long length
AGE: 16WEIGHT: ~103HEIGHT: 5'2"BRA: 34-6DHAIR COLOR: brown with natural highlights that are light brown :)
We have about the same body type. I didnt know that there was such a thing as E cups? lolAge: 19Height: 5 foot 2Weight: 99 lbsHair: BlondBra: 34 DD and hate it and busting out and want someone to take them from me. :(
theres such thing as JJ and even up until m cups :) a proper bra store should at least stock J cups :)
AGE: 22WEIGHT: 110lbsHEIGHT: 5'2"BRA: 34BHAIR COLOR: auburn
I'm not quite sure you'd call me petite. Heheh.Age-N/AWeight-126Height-5'9.5Bra-34AHair-Reddish Brown-LongMy measurements are Bust- 34Waist- 25Hips- 36
age: 17weight: 108 lbsheight: 5'2hair: naturally dirty blonde. now:light blondeBra size: 34/36 B
AGE: 13 <3 WEIGHT: 99 pounds. HEIGHT: About 5'1 :) BRA: 34 A. HAIR: Medium-Dark brown.. if that makes sense, haha :)
AGE: 19WEIGHT: 105HEIGHT: 5'0BRA: 32B or 34BHAIR COLOR: dark blonde/light blonde
Age: 18Weight: 114 Height: 5"6Bra: 32 DHair colour: Black/Brown with red
Age: 17Weight: 115Height: 5'6Bra: 34 cHair: Brownish
AGE: 17WEIGHT: 147HEIGHT: 5'6 BRA: 34AHAIR COLOR: dark brown
age: 14 weight: about 95? height: 5'1" bra: 32A/30B natural hair colour: dark blonde
17 110 5" 4" 30a Blackish-Brown
AGE: 21WEIGHT: 151HEIGHT: 5'3"BRA: 34DHAIR COLOR: blonde
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