Weight and Rolls

Hey fellow Gurls, I'm 14 I started running two miles a day two weeks ago(no results yet), I want to wear crop tops without my fat rolls showing, my legs are horrible and are huge, I want to diet but When ever I do I can't stay away from sweets, I eat pretty healthy other wise, I just want to feel comfortable but I can't please help (I really don't want to hear your beautiful no matter what or whatever this is my personal thought and I need help) p.s. I would go vegan or vegetarian but that's a Nono in my family, so please help!!!?

make sure you're eating healthy, square meals. don't eat too much or too few calories, as that leads to weight gain. sugars are calorie-dense so try and cut back on those. Runing is a good start, but make sure to give yourself rest days so your body can recover, at least one rest day a week. This also goes without saying, but two weeks is too soon to visibly see results. You may be feeling better and more energized though. Might I also recommend incorporating strength training at least 2x/week? Building muscles help to burn fat.


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