Should I go for it?

Hey everyone!
Is there anyone who has undergone a tummy tuck surgery here? I'm 28 and I'm a mother of a 4-year-old kid. Before being a mom, I was struggling to be a model. I had auditioned in several places and I had done numerous photo shoots. However, nothing worked back then. But a few weeks back I finally heard back from one of those companies and they liked my pictures and wants to hire me for an ad shoot. But I don't look the same anymore. I have gained a lot of weight now and I have also got a huge tummy. I told them how I look now, but they gave me a time of two months to trim down and have asked me to come for an audition after that. However, I dont think I can get back in shape within 2 months. Going to a gym or dieting would take its own time. It might help me reduce my overall weight, but it would surely take time to reduce my tummy. Hence, for fast results, my husband was suggesting I go for a tummy tuck in Mississauga. Do you think it would be right to do so? I'm not aware of its side effects though. Are there any? Also is the procedure painful? Please guide me.?


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