How to increase my bust size?

Hi, my daughter, Emy is passionate about modeling. Her friend Ella is a model and her body structure is awesome. And my daughter wishes to be like her. Initially, Emy was 80 kg and after doing continuous work out she lost 20 kg. And hence she became muscular. I think due to her continuous exercise, her bust size got reduced. When I told this, she stopped going to the gym and tried simple exercises at home. Also, she started eating healthy foods in her diet. But there was of no use. While going to parties she wore padded bras to get an exact shape for her breast. She told me that she is fed up of trying these tricks to show an increase in her bust. Recently I saw her searching for breast augmentation surgery. I was shocked to see that. How can she take cosmetic surgery at her young age? I'm really scared. But she told me that she would definitely undergo that that surgery soon. I asked my friend to know more about it and she said it is safe. She suggested undergoing breast augmentation surgery from Toronto. I googled and took an idea about this. I heard about two methods, which one is the best saline or cohesive silicone gel implants? Among those which one will give a natural look? Please share your ideas. ?

How old is your daughter? Boobs are basically all fat, so her losing weight will reduce her breast size, quite drastically depending on the weight loss. That varies person to person though. If she's that young, I would strongly advise against breast augmentation. Teach her to be happy with the body she has instead of going along with her idea to change it artificially.?


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