do guys like girls with red hair better?

thinking of dying my hair to a light red.? my hair is light brown now.? what do you think?

i think it will look good, but i dont see it a lot.

Natural red hair is very rare; only about 1-2% of the entire human population has red hair. Which explains why you don't see it very often.

I do think guys do like girls with red hair, but that shouldn't be your reason to dye your hair. People have many different preferences, and there? are people who are attracted to what you do have. Also, the many stereotypes people associate with redheads, even the so called "positive" ones, natural redheads don't really appreciate that much.

thanks again rira,

i mostly want to do it because i dont see it very often... not just to try and get a guy.? just loooking for input on that part of it.

Go for it! My hair is strawberry blonde but kinda darkish in places. I wish it was all the way red, all the way blonde or all the way brown. If you want to try red on for size, do it! If you don't like it you can always change it again.

I say go ahead! I am a natural redhead and I love my uniqueness and all of the compliments I receive:)

My hair is kind of auburn, but in the right light it looks very red. I think it looks awesome. If you want to dye it, go ahead, but try to get a good dye that won't turn it purple.


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