wearing bras that are too big???

this is my first post so be nice please. :)

so, a few month ago i was at a friends house and the hook on my bra broke when i put it on after we were swimming.? my friend offered to give me one of hers to use while laughing... (she is much bigger than me)? well, i had no choice so i used one of hers.? it was a 34b and i wear a 32a ( basically a training bra ) lol.?? anyways... wow, when i put my shirt on and looked in the mirror i could not believe it, i had boobs.? the bra i got from her was not really padded, but i guess it is called " formed "? i dont know, it was just pretty stiff, not like it was all baggy.? i mean you could not even tell i was wearing the wrong size bra.? it just looked like i had good sized boobs.? well, we had our laugh and went about the rest of our day running errand and stuff and she dropped me off at my house that night.

then morning came, i got dressed, looked in the mirror and thought.... where did my boobs go?? :(

i thought what the hell.... got in the car, went to walmart and got a new bra.? and yes i got another formed one.? but not so big, i bout a 34a and i think it looked great.? not too big, not too small.? since then, i have bought 2 more like that in the same size and i have not had anyone say anything about it.? i just feel a lot more comfortable and pretty when i wear them.?? i did have to stop wearing a couple of my looser shirts cuz when i bent over you could see down the shirt and then you could like see my whole boob ( nipple too ) cuz of the space in the bra.? other than that, i think i have found my new size till i get bigger.

so, after a very, very long intro to my question..... here it is....

am i the only one doing this?? or are there more of us?? and amy i strange for doing this?

i just dont want to be embaresed any more about my boobs.

let me know.? thanks so much


Well, the good thing about having small breasts is that you could probably get away with wearing no bra at all.

Also, there are different bra types that satisfy different shapes, shirts, and occasions, and you will always look your best in a bra that actually fits you.

thanks rira.? i know i should not be worried about my size, but all my friend are bigger than me.? i guess i just want to fit in with the "perfect" image.. idk


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