Weight and anxious about boobs growing

Hey everyone,?
My weight has rapidly gained in the past year or two, I am nearly eleven stone, which is two stone over weight. My Mother pressures me to lose weight, I have a wedding coming up next Summer and she says that if I haven't lost weight by then she won't be bringing me to the wedding. Plus my debs is coming up as well and I want to have weight off by then. I am very self conscious about my weight, I find it very difficult to lose it, at this point this is the last place to turn to. I don't want to be eleven stone, I want to be the right weight for me and to be happy. I want to fit into my clothing, its just i dont know how to go about it? Then there is my boobs, my bras feel tighter because i've gained weight which means my boobs have too, I don't like it. If I could bind my boobs I would. I know this is a lot to take on at once, thank you for reading all of this, advice is very much appreicated.
Lots of love

Why would this be the last place to turn to?? People here are most likely just going to tell you to eat more healthy foods and increase your exercise activity.? There are plenty of other websites out there that can help you figure out exactly how to do that.

It's not that easy.

why not?

I get really insane urges to eat and I can't control myself when there is bad food around. Like when I go out, I'll make sure to get chocolate because I'll know that I won't be able to eat it for a while. Then I'll end up like eating a large bar or two and feel incrediably bad about it after. I don't even think when I go to the cupboard anymore its like this ingrained habit that I can't stop

Well having no self control is your own fault.? You need to have the will power to be able to choose better options, rather than garbage.? If you REALLY can't do it on your own, then you should try seeking some professional help from a nutritionist...or even a psychologist so maybe they can help you break the cycle of constant unhealthy eating.


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