Teeth extraction for 4 y/o DD


Glad to see this board for women and happy to be a part of it.

I am currently residing in India and we will be moving to Dubai by next week.

My daughter, Maiam is 4 years old and her dentist suggested to extract 2 of her teeth. We are planning to get that done in Dubai after reaching there. One of my friends suggested me a pediatric dentist in Dubai, and we will be meeting him for the extraction.

I am confused about one thing. Will they be using an IV sedation for my daughter or just nitrus oxide? I feel more comfortable with nitrous oxide as she is just 4 y/o.?I have to ask regarding this to the dentist during the first appointment.

Have any of you heard abou this? Can you please share your thoughts on this?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


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