Hai, I got my period last December as I was 13 and am just in two weeks Turing 14 need help, tampons scare me last time I used one witch was also my first tampon got stuck it hurt rlly rlly bad like crying and screaming bad. Any help there???
im also freaked out Bc I have a blushing problem so when ever I talk about my period to my mom my face get red and I act writes, me and my mom are rlly close but I just can't! ? ? ?OBGYN I am TERRIFIED about it my mom is a nurse and will make me go, but if I can't have a conversation at all without ?blushing how will I talk to a guy that will have his fingers down there helllp

You sound a little freaked out! Calm down, it's all okay.
Honestly, i don't know anyone who can put a tampon in on the first go, don't be hard on yourself for your previous tries.
Obviously, you're still worried about the tampon getting stuck again (Totally understandable!)
Sounds a little gross, but have you thought about some lubrication? You can buy a tube of lube from a local drug store nearby, and it's not weird to be using it at your age. Talk to your mum about it first, and don't be embarrassed! We all have periods and it's just a normal fact of life!
Good Luck!


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