My lips are uneven

This is kind of weird, but I've recently noticed my top lip is super uneven - one side is much more full and hangs a bit lower than the other. It looks a lot worse in picture and real life than it does in the mirror because of the way a reflection is flipped. I've become pretty insecure about it, especially when I smile it looks so bad. Anything I can do to make it look better? I've even thought about lip fillers, some thing I have absolutely ridiculed for so long

I bet it's not as obvious as you think it is. Like when we look in a mirror our eyes always go to what we think are flaws and blow them up in our mind to be like we've got another head growing. And we spend so much time looking at the "bad" things we totally ignore or don't even see the good things. Next time, try looking for the good things about your face and concentrate on them

Hey! It's actually a pretty common thing. No one has a naturally symmetrical face. To me, it's really obvious that my eyes are slightly asymmetrical, but no one else can see it. It's completely common and I agree that you should focus on the good things. Your lips are your lips, and in my opinion, you should leave them as they are :)
Best x?

I feel the same way about my crooked smile when I see photos of myself. I'm apparently the only one who notices though. I saw a TV show where they were measuring different parts of a woman's face and NOTHING was symmetrical! She looked fine though and I felt a lot better after that.


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