Anyone else have insomnia?

I haven't slept properly for sooo long. I've tried all that stuff like exercising before bed and everything but it seems more psychological for me?


Have you tried slow deep breathing? Oh and masturbating will make you go to sleep too


I guess, I get frustrated when I can't sleep which makes it worse D:?

Lol, masturbating doesn't always help

I've had a really messed up sleep schedule for years now. I can't fall asleep at a regular time and sleep all the way through the night. When I get home from school, I eat dinner and crash into bed immediately. I sleep for a few hours and wake up. No matter how tired I am I can't get back to sleep, so I stay up and do my daytime chores, homework, etc, at night. By early morning I get exhausted again and have to go back to sleep only to get up after a short while to get ready for school.?
I've tried exercise (40 deep squats sometimes helps), masturbation or a small amount of wine. The wine usually knocks me out but I sleep hard and wake up prematurely, then I'm really messed up. The best thing I've found is Melatonin. It's natural and safe, and it's helped me more than anything else. I still have some problems, but this is the closest I've come to a solution. I hope it helps.


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