What does throwing up feel like?

I have an irrational fear of vomiting and haven't thrown up since I was about 6 years old, so I'm looking for anything to compare vomiting with. I just had a "wet burp" earlier and some acid came up; is that like a small amount of vomit? I read that vomiting feels like burping, is that true? Also, is it similar to how it feels when gagging? I know this is a gross topic lol but if anyone could help I'd appreciate it!

No, vomiting feels nothing like burping.? Depending on what is making you vomit...it can be different.? If you have food in your stomach...and get sick, or something causes you to throw up, it literally feels like your insides are coming up and you're expellign them out of your mouth.

If you happen to get the flu and haven't been able to eat anything for a couple days...you'll get what are called dry heaves.? Where you feel nauseous and have to throw up...but when you go to do it...nothing, or only bile comes up...and that's the worst.

Throwing up is not fun and actually causes a fair amount of stress on some people's bodies.? I have been sick for 3-4 days before, throwing up the whole time...and afterwards, my throat is sore, and so s my stomach/abs.

Where does gagging fit into throwing up? All I remember from when I was younger was just feeling sick and then I tried eating and just threw up but I don't remember what it felt like aside from maybe some burning and still feeling a bit sick after.?

Gagging and throwing up are two different things and neither one of them is fun lol.
Throwing up is having everything in your stomach come up and out of your mouth and nose. It's a horrible feeling and the taste of acid and food and whatever else you had in your stomach is gross


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