Is there any problem in using marijuana?

Hi everyone!I am here for my father. He is under dialysis for a few months. It will be his kidney transplant scheduled for next month. I would like to know if one can take medical cannabis as a substitute for painkillers. Because of dialysis he is having pain, loss of appetite and anxiety. I know that people take medical cannabis in reducing chronic pain and anxiety. But can it be used for dialysis patients? Will it result in some other problems? I would like to know what you think about this. If medical marijuana can be taken for a dialysis patient, then I am planning to take him to a medical cannabis clinic in Toronto. But before that I would like to have some genuine replies about this.

Sounds pretty serious, i'm definitely no doctor, so it would be a better help to get a doctor's opinion on this.
Hope it goes well!

I believe medicinal marijuana can do wonders. I've never used it under prescription before, but from what I've read and personally seen, it is a great way to deal with pain, loss of appetite, and anxiety. I have diagnosed severe anxiety, and back in the day, smoking pot always helped calm me down. It made me feel at ease. I was a big stoner for a few years, and do believe marijuana can be abused for the wrong reasons, but I also believe it is really good when used for medicinal purposes.

Google how it helps people who are on it. You will see.? I'd talk to your fathers doctor about it, for sure.


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