Severe tooth ache..Help!!

I think the most severe pain among all is toothache. I am saying this ?because I am experiencing it now. My 5-year old one always asks me "Mom, why are you always keeping your hand near your mouth?" I am fed up of explaining to her about this. I am thinking of a permanent solution now. There is a decay in one of my tooth and that is why I am having severe pain. But I was not in a situation to do this as I was having a lot of work at the office and at home the last week. I think a composite or bonded fillings can do the job, isn't it? I am planning to do this bonded fillings in Scarborough. Is filling a permanent solution? What can I do to permanently avoid this problem? Please share your thoughts.

You should go to your dentist to see what they think is best. But you should do it as soon as possible before it gets worse, or it could lead to an abscess which are extremely painful. My mam got one about two years ago and had to take medecine that made her really groggy for about a week.?


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