Want to look attractive!

Hey, I am Lisa. It has always been my wish to look attractive and sexy but fat tummy and small boobs have always held me back. The job I am presently doing was the reason for my fat tummy. I want to get rid of that. I tried some exercises for tummy but it didn?t have much effect. That was when my cousin suggested me about grafting fat from tummy to breast. I think it is a good idea isn?t it? I can remove the excess fat from my tummy and at the same time I can have bigger boobs. So now I am planning to undergo a fat grafting to breast procedure near Toronto but I have so many doubts regarding this. Will there be a problem in my future if I undergo this procedure now? Will the scar persist? Any advice or suggestions will be greatly acknowledged.

You must like yourself if you wanna be atractive :) it's the most important thing. I had only one problem with my body - with sweating, but now I'm using this?https://www.secret.com/en-us/collections/clear-gel And it's ok. And I feel really self confident when I go with friends or boys somewhere


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