Broken and sensitive teeth!

Hi, One or two months ago, I bit on something really hard and a small portion of my bottom molar broke. I didn't care about it at first, as I didn't have any particular discomfort. But now my tooth aches after drinking something cold or hot. I think it has become sensitive. I can't drink my morning coffee without suffering. I took an appointment at an emergency dental service near Toronto. Will there be a need for root canal treatment? I don't know much of the dental procedures so if anyone has a similar experience, please be kind to share.

I honestly think the best you can do is to ask your dentist. I'm pretty sure they will answer all your questions

Yeah..Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

It is better you ask your dentist.

If your child winces while eating ice cream or drinking hot cocoa, he may have sensitive teeth. If the extreme temperatures in food and drinks are producing noticeable pain, it's time to take your child to the best dentist in Jersey City Dr. Mila Cohen of True Dental Care for Kids & Teens?for a full evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Sensitive teeth rarely fix themselves.Pediatric dentistry professionals call sensitive teeth "dentin hypersensitivity." It's a common malady, affecting about 57 percent of all Americans, young and old. Tooth sensitivity usually occurs over time to one or more teeth. The two primary reasons for the sensitivity are:

    [*]When the enamel protecting the teeth becomes thinner
    [*]When the gum recedes, exposing the dentin of the tooth, which is the underlying surface

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