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After forever I still can't insert a tampon. I tried again but it just wouldn't fit. I tried a qtip (I know you're not supposed to) and it got in alright but only if I inserted it angled back of course but also only on one side of my vagina. A second qtip added with the first wouldn't fit. Does this sound like a septate hymen or something related? And if so how could I deal with this on my own? The idea of talking to my mom about it is way too cringey to me and that is why I've thusfar resorted to the internet

Edit: I just read that only around 1 in 2000 women have septate hymens so that's not likely it. what thennn
Edit: please guys im refreshing this page every like thirty seconds

Look, I'm certainly not a doctor, depending on your age it would help to contact a doctor. I wouldn't think it would be two seperate hymens. I had trouble with tampons too, i still have difficulty sometimes when I've had an esspecially long period. I know it sounds gross, but have you tried lube? It helped me when i was younger and helped me to get used to putting something up there. Sometimes it's hard to put a tampon in if you're dry or it's a light day. Good luck! I know what you're going through

Whatever you do, do NOT try to force it up. That could cause some serious damage.. You should probably talk to to your mam, but I do understand that it's a bit awkward, especially tampons. I say keep trying for a few months (again, don't force anything) and if you still can't fit your tampon in, maybe you could ask a female doctor or nurse. Best of luck!

I think you can find tutorials and tips in the website of the brand that you use. I also think there are some good videos on YouTube with lots of tips.

If it's something related to your anatomy, it's best for you to ask your doctor or your mom.


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