How do I help myself to love myself?

Hey, everyone
I have low-self esteem, but I'm trying to work on myself to get better. I'm tired of being insecure and hating my self and body. I wished that my hips were 40 inches, but their 37.5 inches. My waist is 28 inches, but I'm working on it to being smaller. Every time I see a girl with bigger hips than me, I start to hate myself. I know that comparing myself to someone else is bad, but I want to stop. I'm also too harsh on myself. Sometimes I'll be doing nothing, and the mean thoughts creep into my head and I begin to feel like I'm not enough.
How do I help myself?

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and be happy with what you have.? The best part sof you are on the inside and the sort of person you are is much more important than what is on the outside.


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