What kind of tattoos do you have? Or would like to have?
I have a small tattoo of a dragon on my right shoulder depicting my Asian heritage.

Personally, I prefer to admire tattoos on other people, and I wouldn't want to get one myself unless it had a deep meaning to me. I do like tattoos on others though, and have seen some REALLY nice ones on a couple of people. I like the idea of the dragon to mark your heritage though, it's actually quite a nice idea :)

I want a full back tattoo of a dragon flying out of water. I'm an Aquarius and the Year of the Dragon. That's pretty much it. The only other thing I would consider is a wolf somewhere on my abdomen or wherever because that's my favorite animal.

I personally love tattoo's especially on other people, I have 2 tattoos myself, Aa large one across my sternum (ribs) which is all peonies (My fave flower) and I have a small peony tattoo on the back of my neck/upper back.

If you love tattoos and are old enough, I dont see the problem getting one, just make sure you put a lot of thought into it cause you dont want to regret it for the rest of ur life plus, its pretty painful in certain areas.

I don't have tattoos but I'd love to have at least one. Dad has 3 so it should not be a problem to convince him haha

None and not likely too. I just find that they look really tacky no matter how beautifuuly done they are. Sorry but that's my honest opinion.


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