New hairstyle??

So I can get a weave and I'm natural.....I have heat damage in the front at the middle so I was thinking a middle part. I don't wanna get the same side part and then put heat damage there. The problem with that is I have a gap and I'm insecure about it. I don't wanna get it and people say stuff cause I have a real bad attitude. So any advice or suggestions on what kind part (middle or side)

It depends on the shape of your face, so if you figure that out you can search for what part looks best on that shape of face.
My personal opinion though, most girls can't pull off a middle part. You could always just do a side part on the opposite side.

Hey hun. If you dont mind me asking. Where exactly the gap? I would love to be able to help you figure out which part is best for you and so you do not feel insecure.


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