Why we need to talk about mental health

With 13 reasons why being released not so long ago, it seems that mental illness and depression is being brought to the surface, although that show is getting quite a lot of stick, it has created a dialogue and that is what needs to happen.

So many children are left undiagnosed from a younger age and this can really impact their mental health later on in life, there's about 1 in 10 children between the ages of 5 and 16 who suffer from a mental health condition and we need to learn how to recognise the signs!?

I saw this infographic on Lorimer Fostering??and it's really made me think! How can we raise awareness and make children's lives better? I've got family who have sufferent themselves and was wondering if anybody knows of any vlogs/ seminars etc. that could give a soultion to dealing with children who suffer, or how best to recognise and deal with the signs?



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