Is it safe to undergo liposuction surgery?

I have been struggling for months to reduce my weight and I'm able to achieve my goal. I lost nearly 20 lbs in a month. The only thing that concerns me is the fat deposited on my hip and abdomen. I'm not able to burn the fat deposited on this area.
I have researched and saw that liposuction surgery helps to remove the fat deposited on this areas. So I'm thinking of giving it a shot. I'm 22 years old and I would like to know if there are any risks associated with this procedure. I'm planning to schedule an appointment with a doctor in Barrie to undergo liposuction. Anyone here has any experience with this procedure??

I haven't had the procedure done but actually was doing a bit of research on this earlier today. There are some risks such as bleeding and scarring, but it seems like the doctor should have performed it enough that they know what they're doing. Have you heard about the freeze-fat removal? I can't remember the name but that's less painful and I can't imagine the risks being as much. WIth lipo or any type of plastic surgery I can't help but think about Tara Reid and how hers was badly botched. D:

All the surgeries have a risk mainly these type of procedures if they're not made by professionals (sadly the beauty industry is full of people who do not have idea what they're doing).

My advice, go to a nutritionist and do exercise, there's no better way to have a healthy body.


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