Getting ready for my marriage.

Hey! I am getting married. My marriage is fixed on 23 rd August. But I am totally messed up. I have made a to-do list for myself. The first thing I have to do is to lose my weight. Oh please! Don?t think that I am overweight, I have gained some weight in the last few months and I just want to reduce it. The second thing I have to do is to get rid of my sleep apnea. I find it very difficult to deal with this nowadays. Most of the times I experience difficulty in breathing while sleeping. The next morning I will have a headache too. I have scheduled an appointment for sleep apnea treatment in Calgary. I just want to make sure that my disease is cured before my marriage. Anyone of you had an experience with the treatment? Please share your views on this.

I'm not sure what kind of treatment they are going to give you, my Dad has sleep apnea he has a machine (CPAC) that helps him sleep at night, it fits over his nose and forces air into him. From what he says it works great and is not uncomfortable to wear.


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