I haven't gotten my period in 3 months

So I've always had really irregular period but it never skipped 3 months in a row. Usually it skips like 1 month. ?I'm 18, never had sex so not pregnant. I'm not in stress, not on a diet, not on birth control, haven't gained/lost any weight, and I don't feel any pain. But I'm eating pretty unhealthy, I don't have enough vitamins, could that be the problem? Or what is wrong ? :(?

If you definitely haven't have sex, you can obviously rule that out. Your period cycle can change from a non sufficient diet, it might be best to contact a doctor, just to confirm there is nothing wrong and work on your eating from there. There is so many different foods/drinks that you can take to 'skip' your period, perhaps you have eaten something of that? Hope you're ok, Good Luck!

See your doctor and explain wwhat's going on and (s)he will go from there and likely do tests.? If by chance, you're obese or have an eating dissorder, that may have something to do with it.


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