To my girls with iron deficiency

Hi, i wanted to create this topic as an "assistance" kind of post (sorry for the bad english) for the girls who suffer of iron deficiency/anemia, i thought it could be a good idea.
Here, we can gather any useful infromation about iron, or share stories or things that might help (like medications, brands, or tips), help, or ask questions.

I know it's difficult to "recover" from this, so that's why it could be cool to help each other.

Hi! I'm anemic, but it's like genetically inherited from my mams side of the family. What I find really good is Spatone. It's a sachet of liquid iron that is much easier for your body to absorb rather than tablets. You just mix it with orange juice (for the vitamin C :) ) and drink up! They have an apple flavoured one but it tastes like vomit and it's disgusting! During my period, I take two sachets if it for a little boost! For some reason my body won't absorb iron properly from food so I really do need the supplements. Also, calcium destroys iron so try to avoid eating anything with a high calcium content if you're trying to take supplements or eat high iron foods! :)?

Hey !
I've done some resarch on Spatone (never heard of it !) cause it seems nice but i really don't think i can find it in France. I personnally take Solgar Gentle Iron, it's the only iron that my body can fully absorb, i also try to take it with lots of fruits and avoid milk or yogurt. Another iron inhibitor is tea !! I think it's because of catechin, i don't really remember but i had to quit tea so i don't take risks.
But overrall the things that helped me (food items) with iron deficiency are seeds, iron-enriched cereal, beans and lentils, and switching from white pasta and rice to whole-wheat, enriched, or even squid-ink pasta ? So much higher in iron !
Also, i consider taking spirulina ? Really high in iron and vitamins, i think i'll try it !

I never knew tea stopped you from absorbing iron. I don't drink it anyway, but it's interesting. If your France I don't know if you can get it. I'm sure there's a different brand of liquid iron you could get that would work the same. I would really recommend it if you can :)

Omg!! I'm anemic too! Its soo annoying being so tired like literally the whole time! I try to be healthy but then I'm like ooh McDonald's! I'll check out the soatone you mentioned sounds good! Thanks xxxx


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