Breathing Episodes

Basically my family doctor wants me to lose weight as she figures that has to do with my breathing problems. What are the best gym excersies to lose weight fast?

I have had experiance with personal training and exercising. Don't expect all of the weight to drop off as soon as you start, it may take some time and your body needs to adjust and take care. Dont start off to hard, you might not see progress first, but dont push yourself too hard, you might get injuries and your body might not be able to handle it. It really starts off with what you feel comfortable with, if you have tried running before, or biking, or swimming etc. Its very important to eat healthy just as well as exercising, as you getmore comfortable with the sport or activity, your body will need more fuels. Try and eat vegatables, not too much fruit, oatmeal/porridge for a good breakfast. Hope this helps! ?


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