i hate my boobs

My boobs are large and a bit saggy and I hate them, I hopefully will be getting a reduction this year. No hate or dirty comments, Thanks.

We all have insecurities. I dont actually like mine either. Hopefully in the future, you will be happy with them. Take care xx

Breast reduction is a conman medical procedure and Will help not only with your lookout on life but further back problems, good luck it Will all work out for the best.

thank you, thats ery kind xx likewise

thank you for the advice

If a reduction suits you, then you should definitely go for it! It's your life and you should be as comfortable and happy with your body as you can be! Good luck :)

I really hate my breasts, everyone in my class has B cups or even bigger!! I'm 12 and a A32 but even the younger girls in my class have C cups.I might add that I'm thin because of my extremely high metabolism?

^^^ I know exactly how you feel :(

Hey, everyone have their own insecurities. Breast reduction is a common procedure nowadays so undergoing it will only make you more confident. Hope everything comes out well.

I think we all have hated our boobs at some point in our life. Some girls do accept the fact that there's nothing to do about it but if you have the chance to fix your "problem", go ahead and good luck!!

thank you, means a lot to hear someone with the same opinion

thank you

I hate my boobs too they are small and my nipples are too long. I think everyone has something they don't like so we should all try and love our bodies and boobies!

I agree. Nature gave you what you have so best to appreciate it.

I have very small nipples. Wish they were a bit bigger. But we are all different

I've been a 32A since the 6th grade.. and I'm heading to college this year. You'll find someone who loves them no matter how they are like I did.

We all have insecurities. I dont actually like mine either

Don't worry, I also don't like my boobs. They are just too small. We need to accept this, there is nothing we can do anyway.


It will take you a couple of years for your boobs to fill out. You've just started puberty, it takes time and curves will take time to fill out too. Just give yourself a chance :)

i love my boobs...it is medium sized with a right sized nipples ...good for my age..But my friend has a big saggy boobs..which we other girls like ..but she dislikes..for firmness of breasts there are some yoga exercise and herbal oils from oriental countries.....get the proper one and try it before thinking of surgery


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