First time is coming soon?

I'm 14 and I've been lucky to not have a period ever.? For the past 10 days, I've have had some cramps, had breast tenderness, and bloating.? I know that I'm not pregnant.? So, are these signs my first period is coming?

How do I make sure I'm ready for my period?

Yes, those are signs of beginning your period. Just make sure you have some pads or tampons with you at all times for whenever you start. Having to make makeshift pads out of toilet paper suck, so go ahead and make sure you have some pads.

Hiya Sammie I agree with ELLA "WaterBaby" it sounds like youur period is starting so just be prepared.
Mine started at 13 ish, and even now at 16 they are just beginning to settle down, btw I use tampons.
Good Luck I hope all goes well,
Take Care

Thanks for the advice!
It arrived this morning and I had a pad on (my sister told me to have just one on just in case). Grrr...... I'm trying tampons as pads are bothersome.
Gonna take a nap now..

Hiya Sammie good to hear all is well with your period, yea tampons are the way to go. Good Luck.
Hiope all works out well for you.

My first period was painful, heavy, and lasted 4 days.
Now, I'm on Day 2 of my 2nd period and I'm feeling relaxed, less pain but a bit excited.

I can only imagine how they will continue to be



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