Im fat, ugly and everyone at my college thinks im weird :(

Hey x

I am 16 years old, I have just started college back in September (I live in the UK). I am socially awkward, too outgoing and people treat me like the school freak. I like Minecraft and Youtube gamers, I am a complete nerd and no one likes me. Even my friends kind of pretend they aren't my friends when they are near the popular students.

To top it off, I am fat and I can't even apply makeup properly. I suck at eyeliner and lipstick.
I just want to leave my college and hide in my room. Does anyone else feel this way at times?

Kerenza x


@KerenzaMaix ?Welcome to Gurl I hope you enjoy your stay, Ok no more name calling you are none of these things you said about yourself, Its OTHER people thats putting these ideas in your head, and about your so called "friends" they are just as bad as the others as in running you?down and and stabing you in the back just to show off to others, with "friends" like them who needs enimies, you could do a lot better. Ok no more name calling as in what names you called yourself, I would say that these lables is comming from other people at school etc and even your so called friends, All this sounds very like Bullying and nobody deserves to be treated like that ever.
You should try to talk to someone either your parents or a family friend that you trust or a teacher or school nurse if there is one or even your doctor. the more you keep it bottled up whe worst it will affect you. Comming on here is a start it shows you want help but also get professional help, And find the "New You" ASAP.
Thake Care

Thanks x Im glad someone apreciates me :)


@KerenzaMaxi ?You got nothing to thank me for, But THANKS anyway.?


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