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So over the summer my skin was amazing! Literlly only got maybe a pimple around the time of my period so I had ZERO worries. Then school rolls around, (end of September for me) and BOOM! I break out all over my chin, and kind of down my neck! I have no idea why. Nothing really changed diet or product wise. It kind of clears up, but then every month it just gets worse around my period. Then by the time that breakout is kind of healed its already time for my next period. I really only like to use nautal products because I have found out in the past that chemicals only make my skin worse. I have oily/dry skin so I get black heads, but mostly I just get red acne bumps that dont typically form heads? But they do sometimes. They are small to medium and just make my skin red and bumpy, but only on my jawline/ chin/ and sometimes down my neck. Anyways, it makes me super self concious. I try to pep myself up, but honestly I juswt cant help but feel gross when I see it. It's in a spot that isnt SUPER noticeable if youre just looking at my face from the front, but if im getting looked at from the side I get all tense becasue I know it is noticable. I have considered going to a doctor because I have read plenty that this kind of acne and the placement are typically due to hormonal problems.. But my insurance wont cover it because it's considered cosmetic, and I just dont know if i would be able to afford it. So do any of you have suggestions for hormonal acne? I usually eat pretty clean, and I exercise regualrily I just dont know what else to do :( :( :(?

Considering you're doing everything you can to prevent it, it's probably like you said, a hormonal issue. Your body's probably just going through some changes and it's affecting your skin. Now I'm no dermatologist, but I'd say give your body some time and it might lighten up more. Since you said it started when school started back up, it might be triggered by stress. I would suggest that if it's making you super self conscious, to invest in some good concealer, however, that might just make it worse, but as long as you just make sure to wash your face regularly, it should be fine.?

I had similar problems few years ago. It was terrible. My dermatologist adviced me to buy special cosmetology equipment at for home use to save my money. Also he prescribed me to take some vitamins, so I made skin care procedures three times per week + masks with natural ingredients + vitamins. Now my skin looks much more better. But only qualified specialist can prescribe you right treatment so visit a doctor first.

From my experience, the only reliable cure for acne is a well-balanced diet. I have tried a tremendous amount of products during the years, and the results were good but temporary. Then I started planning my meals and using some quality supplements, my skin got better, and I have almost forgotten about ever having the acne problem. So, avoid sugars and refined oils (natural fats are good for your skin, believe it or not), find some quality supplements online so you make sure that you are having enough zinc, magnesium, and vitamins during the day, and watch your skin changes.

I had the same thing. I dont knowif you will be able to purchuse it but i used Clear Start and it really helped my skin.?,default,sc.html

Hey. I had undergone a silkpeel treatment from a clinic in Richmond Hill to get rid of my acne. The treatment was very effective. If your skin is acne prone and sensitive this would be the best treatment. Please consult your dermatologist and enquire about this treatment.

It can be stress from sudden changes, like the start of school or anything resorting to a stress trigger. These are some common triggers to stress:

*New school/starting another grade
*Worrying A-LOT!
*Not washing your face or lacking in vitamins.
*Picking at your face until blood/ that creme like stuff pops out.

There are more, but try different routines and/or changing up your routine, and if it doesn't stop,?try another skin care product/s.

Hi, girls!

I completely understand you, had acne myself a few years back when my gynaecologist advised me to take them. Worst decision?of my life. Hormones went crazy. Unfortunately, nothing helped, and they?went away only by cosmetic treatments and when my hormone?disbalance were gone.

You can thy Eucerin cosmetic, it is a medical line and it was helpful to me. Also, try to change your sheets every day and do not touch your face with your hands. Hope you will be better soon!

Try Aloe vera gel to reduce acne


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