Small boobs size - what to do?

Hey!! I'm planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery from a clinic in Windsor Ontario as I'm not happy with my boob size. My boyfriend makes fun of my boobs and I just hate it. To be frank I'm very much worried to go under the knife but I don't have any other option. I'm fed up of using push up bra. Is there any alternative way to increase your boobs size? I'm looking forward to your suggestion. Thanks!! ??

Hiya Amy welccome to Gurl hope you enjoy your stay, ?The only problem I have with your first post ^^^^ above, ?You say your boyfriend makes fun of your boobs and am not suprised you hate it, If he cannot acept you as you are then he dont deserve you, you can do a lot better and find someone that loves you as you are and as you have some concerns about sugery and so you should have as things can and do go badly wrong, ?So Its not a decision you should rush into and even more importantly be pushed into by ANYONE. ?You dont say what your age is and what is your bust size. ?so am not sure If you have any more growing to do,
Take Care?

Hi Everyone.I've just joined and have already noticed the number of girls who hate having small boobs.
Believe you me having big boobs is not all that glamorous, and in fact can cause excruciating pains in the neck, shoulders and back.
Not only that, both bra and clothes shopping is a complete and utter nightmare.
Oh and we mustn't forget all the horrible, creepy unwanted attention that they attract.
Now if only it was humanly possible I would happily swap my huge and hideous 36GG breasts with any of yours.

@Kaylyne ?I know what you mean as a some friends at school have almost the the same problems they are 15 - 16yo and are DD and E and one is F, these are UK sizes, they also have problems with getting unwanted attention it makes them nervous. sometimes..
Take Care


Oh don't I know just how your friends feel and what they are going through.
By the time I was 14 I was already a DD (UK size) and was completely traumatised with all the hate and nastiness from the other girls, not to mention all the bra strap pulling/snapping I had to suffer from the horrid guys.
Times at school for me were not always pleasant at all.
Strangely enough though I feel more sorry for my younger sister who is even more cursed than I am, being a 32KK ( UK size).
Please do take care and stay safe.

Yeah, it can be bad on either ends of the spectrum. If you are A cup (like me :'( ) then I feel bad for you. If you are like HH cup or whatever, then I feel bad for you too. However, I hate when girls who have like C or D cup complain about their boobs being too big. You don't know how I would kill to have boobs that size. I know it's not scientific and it probably wouldn't work, but I wish girls who were like a GG cup and wanted to downsize could just transfer breast tissue (fat) to girls who were like A cup and wanted to go up. It would also work well for transgender men and women, where trans men could just give their boobs to trans women. *sigh* wishful thinking, right? Anyways, girl who asked, if you're going to get breast augmentation surgery, make sure you're doing it for you and you only. Don't feel pressured by your boyfriend to make your boob a bigger because that's what he wants. Your boyfriend sounds a bit rude anyways for making fun of you like that. I don't believe there are any other ways to make your boobs bigger naturally (believe me, I've tried) unless you take estrogen pills but I you should have a recommendation from a doctor if you want to do that.?

Hiya Again Amy Here is site I came across that may help you and others not happy with small breasts, Am 32A and I dont want to any more than a "C" when am finished growing. Usually breast sizes runs in famlies. My mum and two ants (mums sisters) are all a "C" cup.

Hope this may help.




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