Wearing braces will cause teeth stain or not ?

Hey everyone ! I am from Houston. I have a habit of sleeping with open mouth and that made a misalignment in my teeth order. My upper front teeth are now overlapping the lower teeth which make them look bad. One of my friends suggested me to try 6 months braces from a clinic in Houston and I?have got an appointment with an orthodontist in Houston. I heard that teeth will lose the natural color and will become pale and yellowish after wearing braces. Have any of you tried braces before? What are your suggestions??

Well, I did have braces for about 2 years I believe when I was in high school. I did end up having like these little white squares right in the middle of all of my teeth where they put the little metal piece for the braces. But it's not permanent at all. I think I all I had to do was brush my teeth or something? I can't really remember because it's been quite a while since then but it's nothing to really worry about.

Thank you so much.... Now I feel good.


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