Embarrassingly, I still wet at night. I don't wake up when I need the loo, so nearly every night I have an accident. It is manageable with pullups but still very awkward. I have had the problem all my life, people have always said I would grow out of it but I am nearly 15 and it still hasn't happened. It gets me down sometimes.

I don't think the issue has been brought up here before, but is there anyone else who still have this issue?

It sounds like there may be a more in-depth and complex cause to this. You need to see a doctor and see if they can rule out bladder control problems.

My cousin had this problem when she was younger and it turned out her body wasn't producing a certain chemical or hormone which slows down the production of pee at night. She was prescribed tablets which got her body working properly in a couple of weeks and she's been fine since. It might be something like this, it would definitely be worth seeing a doctor I think.?


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