That time of the month

My period cramps get really bad that I can't get out of bed ,sometimes I stay away from school and its getting in the way of my studies ,what can I do ?

Meds could help and I know some girls what got on Birth control to help it out. Im sure google would have some ideas that could help you(:

Some girls in my football team have talked about using 'the pill' (birth control) to ease their time of the month - I would suggest talking to ur school nurse or ur doctor.?

Painkillers can really help as long as you use the right ones. You should look up which ones work best for period pains. The pill is definitely an option if it's ok with your parents, but make sure to research those first too. They say hot-water bottles are good for relaxing tensed ?muscles, but it's not overly effective. Period pains are actually a result from weak pelvic floor muscles, so you could do some exercises to strengthen them, not necessarily just during your period. A few small stretches regularly in the day can help your muscles too.?


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