Washable Pads

I ordered washable pads from Amazon the other day and was wondering what other girls cleaning tips were. So how you wash your washable pads?


It is very easy. You can add them to your clothes when you wash, or do method many I know do: Get bucket(you can slip it under bed) and fill it with water. You will put pads in there until you wash them by hand or with clothes. You can add tiny amount of tea tree oil or use regular soap to wash them. Your pads can dry?in dryer or let them air dry(takes a few days, so make sure you buy enough for your cycle) If you have stains, soak pad or get stain remover. Lastly, do not let pads sit in bucket too long, change it every 2 or 3 days,depending on how many pads are in bucket. I hope it helps. PM me if there are questions <3


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