Has anyone undergone treatment for dark circles?

Hey!! I'm 49 years old and lives in Richmond Hill. I've been working in a IT field and I just quit my job a month ago due to my health issues. My daughter says I look more tired and unpleasant as there are dark circles under my eyes. She is compelling me to consult a dermatologist in our locality to undergo dark circle under eye treatment. But I don't feel to do so. Is there any other way to get rid of those dark circles??

Use aloe versa gel every day @Johannarichard

Ma'm also I think you should go check at the doctors you could have an iron deficiency ( anaemia)

Hmm..well I use almond oil to cure that it really helps!!
First you get almond oil of course lol than before going to sleep you put some on the black circles and you go to bed.Next morning you rinse it with cold water and you repeat daily until the circles disapear!!! Hope it helped you :)


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