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Okay, this is very problematic for me and I don't know how to fix it. I overeat, especially when I'm sad. I overeat a lot: bad food, lots of calories, carbohydrates, sugars. Usually what happens is, I go through a very active time where I do school work, I go to my job, I'm interested in someone, work out and eat right. It feels amazing. Then something happens and I snap to a state where I don't leave my bed and eat and eat until I feel like I can't eat anymore.. and then I still eat some more after that. Usually, it happens when I get led on by a guy. In the past little while I've been brutally led on and hurt by a few. And then I crash and don't care and feel awful and disgusted with myself. My question is, any advice on how to deal with this? Deal with the overeating? Deal with the fact that I let someone hurt me in such a way, it takes not only an emotional but also a physical blow? I try being diciplined about my eating habits but I usually break really easy..

I would say the underlying problem isn't the eating itself, but a form of depression.? Lots of people use food to cope with feelings of sadness, anger and many other feelings.? Yes, being led on and dumped on sucks...but if you truly loved yourself for who you are, you wouldn't need food or anything else to help deal with the afternath.? I would suggest finding someone to talk to about how you feel.? Learn to live and be happy without guys.? I'm not saying give up on them forever, but it's safe to say that the next guy you are interested in...most likely isn't going to become your lifelong partner.? Inevitably you'll end up single again for a time...and you need to learn to just deal with it and be happy with yourself, and not chow down on everything in sight when you start feeling sorry for yourself.

Yeah! Some people do that. I think you should try controling it, cause it will effect your wieght quite badly. Even, I too have a bad habit of eating chocolates when depressed. Guess we really need to get out of this bad habit.?

Hey Gurl !
I totally understand what you're feeling because I struggled with binge eating/ emotional eating for about 2 years (I'm 17 years old). But, I'm recovering from this... and I haven't binged since 2 weeks which is a great thing for me. I was unable to control myself when I eat. I could eat a huge amount of food in just a few minutes. But now I'm happy because I got rid of that nasty habit and I didn't fall again.
What helped me in my recovery, is getting myself busy with things that make me feel happy. For example, I love practising sport, listening to music and reading. So I did those things more often so that I don't feel nervous or lonely which may lead to getting back to binge eating. Let me tell you that when you practise sport, you feel relieved and reaaally happy. It's an amazing feeling! and at the same time you know that you're turning into a sexy beast thanks to your workout :p So do things that you love in order to get rid of stress and sadness that are the main cause of emotional eating.?
Furthermore, you should change your "relationship" with food. Food is not something that we rely on ?for comfort or support. You shouldn't consider food as an enemy, eith (otherwise you might develop an eating disorder). Eat healthy food and enjoy its fresh and delicious flavour, knowing that you are giving your body nutriments that makes it stronger and happier. Good luck girl and don't worry you CAN get rid of emotional eating. :*


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