I'm a girl but I'm hairy

so I'm a girl and I've got thick black stomach hair and a snail trail also very visible stretch marks I'm also epileptic recovering from a head injury and don't know what to do I can't leave the house. All I can can think about is if people are judging me do they see under my clothes ? Can they tell I'm not right in the head?

Hello QuietOne22, I'm sorry about your head injury, I hope you will recover soon. I know when you are stuck in the house ( it happened to me many years ago after an operation) you can go a little crazy, have negative thoughts etc but really the best you can do is what you love, listen to good music that makes you happy, pumper yourself with a good bath if you have one, try some relaxing uplifting meditation out, call your best friends etc ? If you don't feel comfortable about your hair on the stomach you can dye them so they will be less visible. I wouldn't say that you are not right in your head because you are epilectic and I don't think people can see you have problems unless they witness you having a seizure. The truth is some people will judge you, some others won't. But why to care? You need to feel good in yourself, not everybody will like you and that is for all of us, not just for you. But personally I don't want to be friend to people that are judgemental...I'm not like that and I want to have people like me around, caring, kind, open minded people. Care about the people you love and love you back, the rest can do what they want. I know it is not easy when you are young but try to be detached from others people judgements. All the best, be strong, be you my dear.

I totally get you, as a darker skinned girl all your body hair just feels way more obvious because of the dark hair. At the end of the day I can promise you that you are the only person who will notice it in a negative way. For me I remove tummy fluff when I know it will be visible (like bikini season) but I think it is really important that you are okay with it, it doesn't define you. I promise you no one important will care or even notice

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