Being a Virgin at 21 , guilt?

First i'd like to start by asking if there are any girls on here that were/ still are virgins past the age of 18 ? If so this is my question, and what do you think? or did/do you feel the same?

So my mom and I don't have a very close relationship, but also not distant. I'm just a reserved person, so i share little about my "feelings" or guys to her. Mostly because when I have dated she wants to know every detail. Including that she wants me to let her know when i lose my Virginity. Although, she has always told me to wait have sex until i find the "right one" and i'm married.?

I honestly am a virgin, simply because i respect myself , and i just can't give it up to anyone. I have been in 2 relationships, my last one at 18 , i just wasn't attracted to them as i thought therfore never thought about sex. But i have reached a point where i almost want to get it over with, and be sexually active. But i have a feeling that i will feel guilty after i do, because i feel like i'd let my mom down , since it's not something i wouldn't want to tell her about. Especially since i am 21 and still live under my parents roof because im attending college.

(ps. I am Mexican, and i live/d in the stereotypical "strict mexican parents" home growing up. Also at my age(21) my parents were married )?

I lost my virginity at 17, but I can still understand where you're coming from. My Mexican mother looked like she wanted to put me in a headlock when I told her I wasn't a virgin (it's a long story). Sex isn't everything to be honest with you. And despite what your mum says, you are under no obligation to tell her anything. You're 21 so you're an adult.?

Before you lose your virginity, its good to ask yourself if you're doing it for all the right reason and not for all the wrong ones. You determine what that means. To lose it just to "get it over with", well I don't suggest it. It seems that you value keeping it, so I would say to wait around for someone who you think is worth it. I lost it to my current partner that I've had for more than two years, that helped ease the guilt in a way.

I was 22. Not for lack of wanting. Just couldn't find someone. Dated for a year before doing it. Then panicked and thought for sure I was pregnant, even though we used 2 forms of birth control. Later learned birth control actually works and I shouldn't worry.

Past not important anymore. Looking for future partner so I can have more sex. Feels good and I read there are health benefits.

Best wishes!


@del677 Besides not having found the right person yet. Getting pregnant?is what i'm scared of most, since i still have a couple more years of medical school. So would you recommend birth control. I personally would rather not take any, but if it'll prevent me from slip ups i will definitely consider. Also which type of birth control did/do you take, were you scared at first ? as in trusting it? did you have to pay for it??

I wasn't but I know many friends of mine who were virgins well beyond 18. It's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, you should want to wait out for the right person and not feel pressured into it by society. I, for one, can tell you that losing your virginity was one of the most overrated things! :)


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